A beautiful black on black VW. This is not only the last year for the convertible but the black on black was a special order called Epiloque Edition which makes it rare and very collectible. I am also selling 51 Chevy PU, 63 Studebaker PU, 40 Chevy Special Deluxe, 64 GTO, and a 55 Ford T-Bird. I am relocating and all must go. Tks for looking.

51 Chevy 3100

A very solid truck with a 216 six cylinder and 3 speed on the column. I am also selling 63 Studebaker Ch PU, 68 Buick Skylark Convertible, 40 Chevy Special Deluxe, 64 GTO, and 55 Ford T-Bird with 312 engine. I am relocating and selling everything. Tks
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